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Grammar Rules: Present Progressive Tenses

Written by Leny Ortega After discussing the simple and perfect tenses, we continue with progressive tense. The tenses under this category denote that the action is on-going depending on time the action is done or completed. Below is an in-depth explanation of the correct usage of these progressive tenses. PRESENT PROGRESSIVE TENSE shows continuing action,… Read More »

Grammar Rules: Present Perfect Tense

Written by Leny Ortega Like simple tenses, perfect or sometimes called compound tenses have three categories namely: Present Perfect, Past Perfect, and Future Perfect. Each of these has a corresponding usage depending on the time of action is completed or intended to be done. PRESENT PERFECT TENSE Present Perfect Tense is used to express an… Read More »

Grammar Rules: Past Tense

Written by Leny Ortega In the last post, we talked about Present Tense. In this post, we continue our series on tenses with Past Tense. Past tense is used to denote actions that are completed in the definite past time. This tense of the verb generally uses definite time expression when the action really took… Read More »

Grammar Rules: The Present Tense

Written by Leny Ortega Tense of the verb indicates the time when the action is done or completed. Tenses are classified as Simple Tenses and Compound Tenses.  Each classification has three tenses. Present tense, Past Tense and Future Tense comprise the Simple Tense while the Compound Tenses have the Present Perfect Tense, Past Perfect Tense and… Read More »

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