8 Tips on How to Pass the Civil Service Examination Next Time

Since I graduated, I have conducted Civil Service Examination review from time to time and I know several people who took many times. Sadly, until now, some of them have not yet passed the exams.  I tried to think about what was wrong and here are my insights about it.

First of all, truth be told, if you look at the content of the Civil Service Examination, aside from Republic Act 6713, almost all of the scope of the examination is High School level. Now, if you have not passed the examination, it does not mean that you are dumb, but your review approach is probably wrong. Of course, for those who graduated before I was born (just kidding), you need a lot of brushing up to do.

Below are my insights on what must be wrong and what to do about them. If you can add more, it will be valuable for other readers.

Note: The tips below are for those who want or those who have taken the Civil Service Examination in the Philippines.  » Read more

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