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Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Week 3 – Set 2

This is the PCSR third vocabulary reviewer.

1. Confound – verb

Confuse, puzzle

“Ha! No one can confound Conan! He can solve any case in a short period of time!” Billy said after watching the whole episode of Detective Conan.

2. Gall – noun

Irritation, bitterness

Lucas was filled with gall after being rejected by Annie.

3. Jaunty – adjective

Carefree, cheerful

Myrna got picked to play the role Lucy. She portrayed the scene in a jaunty style.

4. Ire – noun

Anger, rage

Jose tried his best to pacify the ire of his mother after failing on his exam.

5. Laud – verb

Praise, extol

Mrs. Gomez was lauded for her efforts to help the unfortunate children to get proper education.

6. Sinewy – adjective
Lean, firm, tough

The newly opened restaurant received negative feedbacks because their meat was sinewy to chew.

7. Retinue – noun

a group of advisers, assistants, or others accompanying an important person; attendants

Mr. President’s retinue followed him on his meeting abroad.

8. Warble – verb

Sing, babble

My 1-year-old baby is warbling while watching her favorite nursery rhyme video.

9. Scapegoat – noun

Someone who bears the blame for others

Cinderella is the scapegoat of her two wicked sisters.

10. Rubble – noun

Broken fragments, debris

After the earthquake, the rescue officers are now removing the rubble, hoping to find any survivors.

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Week 2 – Set 2

This is the PCSR second vocabulary reviewer.

1. Rue – verb

Regret; lament; sorrow

Annie rued for weeks when her pet died.

2. Longevity – noun

Long life; durability; length of service

Many believed that the environment is a great factor to one’s longevity.

3. Musty – adjective

Covered with or smelling of mold; smelling of damp and decay; stale

I sat in dismay when I found my misplaced snack; and it’s all musty when I found it.

4. Nettle – verb

Annoy; irritate

The boy next door is screaming his lungs out because his little brother is nettling him.

5. Nemesis – noun

An opponent or enemy that is very difficult to defeat.

Grandma always says that death is her nemesis.

6. Bolster – verb

Support; strengthen; reinforce

The lawyer dismissed the case due to lack of evidence to bolster their accusation.

7. Cringe – verb

Shrink; cower; draw back, as with fear or pain

The new nanny cringed when she heard the youngest of the siblings crying his heart out.

8. Disinter – verb

Dig up for reburial or for medical investigation (of dead bodies); uncover; unearth

Archaeologist accidentally found bones while disinterring. They brought the bones in their laboratory to find out how old it was.

9. Homage – noun

Tribute; respect

The students of Yellowbell Foundation conducted concert to pay homage to their founder.

10. Inebriate – adjective

Habitually intoxicated; drunk

Our inebriate neighbors always disturb us. They pick a fight with each other after getting drunk.

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Week 1 – Set 2

This is the PCSR first vocabulary reviewer.

1.) Articulate – adjective

Communicative, fluent

Mr. Ramos’ articulate speech during his presentation impressed his employers.

2.) Biennial – adjective

Occurring every second years

Presidential meetings are usually biennial.

3.) Devise – verb

Formulate, invent, think up

“Have you heard about the teenager who have devised a vest that can prevent breast cancer?”, Mina asked.

4.) Eon – noun

An immeasurably long period of time; an age

“The last time I had an ice cream was eons ago!”, Johnny said to his mother.

5.) Facade – noun

The face or front of a building; superficial or false appearance.

The facade of the Barasoain’s church was printed on the ten-peso bill before.

Danny bullies his classmates to show his power, but that was just a facade he put on to conceal his fears.

6.) Sinecure – noun

Well-paid position with little responsibility.

Leo was hired just because he’s our manager’s nephew and his job is so sinecure.

7.) Assiduous – adjective

Sedulous, diligent

Mrs. Santos is known for his assiduous works. You can see on her crafts that she pays attention to every detail.

8.) Connoisseur – noun

Specialist; expert

I am very honored that a Connoisseur examined my work.

9.) Desiccate – verb

Dry; dehydrate; wither

Persons who worked on fields were warned about the rise on the temperature this week. They were also advised to drink plenty of fluids for the heat can be very desiccating.

10.) Espouse – verb

Support; adopt

Lindy is always ready to espouse everyone’s idea.

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 7

This is the seventh part of the Civil Service Vocabulary Review series of Ph Civil Service Reviewer. In this series, we discuss the words that commonly appear in English vocabulary examinations. The other parts of this series can be found in this blog’s English page.

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 7

1. diligent – hardworking; constant in effort to accomplish something

Sample Sentence: That student is very diligent. He always submits his homework on time and does extra work. Continue Reading