5 Things To Do A Day Before the Civil Service Exam

One of the most common mistakes examination takers do is to cram and do a lot of studying the day before the examination. If you think you have done enough review for the past days, you have to relax a day before the examination. Here are a few tips and things to do a day before the examination.

1.) Relax, don’t overdo the review.

Cramming one day before the examination will really not help you a lot, it may even be the reason why you will not pass the exam. During the last day of the examination, you can review a bit in the morning, but try to relax in the afternoon. Lie down on a sofa and listen to soothing music,  go out and watch the sunset, or watch a movie at home with family and friends.

2.) Prepare your snacks and water for the examination. 

Depending on the location, proctors may allow you to eat and drink during the examination. Prepare a snack you like, a wafer or chocolate bar, perhaps, and a bottle of water. Remember, though, that eating is not usually allowed in computer laboratories, so those who will take the computerized exam may not be allowed to eat. In this situation, a candy will help if it is allowed. Candies with high sugar can sustain you for quite a while.

Note: I do not recommend chewing gums in place of candies. They produce gas and you may even feel hungry after chewing them for sometime.

3.) Prepare the things you will use for the examination. 

To avoid cramming and forgetting things during the day of the examination, prepare the things that you will use a day before. Make a checklist of what you will bring: pencil (you might want to bring extra), pen, eraser, sharpener, a clean set of scratch papers. Proctors may allow scratch papers and in case not, they will provide you with it.

Place your things in your bag together with the snacks and water. That way, you just have to pick them up in the morning the day of the examination.

 4.) Don’t eat too much or drink alcohol the evening before the examination. 

Do not eat a lot of food especially the food that might spoil your stomach. For example, if you are acidic, avoid drinking coffee or soft drinks a day before the examination. Of course, you don’t want to take the examination with an upset stomach.

In addition, do not drink alcohol the night before. Alcohol may give you headache in the morning.

5.) Sleep early. 

Although this may not be possible to many because of the excitement or nervousness, I still recommend that you get enough sleep (if possible 8 hours).

And of course, pray. 🙂

That’s it. I think that you are ready. Good luck and I hope that you pass the examination.


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