How to Use Contractions

We use contractions to make our conversations more fluid. It can also be engaging and user-friendly. I am sure there are more reasons but these are just mainly what contractions are for.

Although grammatically correct, these are only use informally.

Example instead of saying :

1. “We have arrived.” Use instead “We’ve arrived.”
2. “I am not eating the leftovers!” You can use “I ain’t eating the leftovers.”

Contractions may appear in the Grammar and Correct Usage part of the Civil Service Examination. Be sure that you are familiar with them. 


1. I am –

[toggle title=”Answer”]I’m[/toggle]

2. Does not –

[toggle title=”Answer”]Doesn’t[/toggle]

3. Shall not –

[toggle title=”Answer”]Shan’t[/toggle]

4. There is –

[toggle title=”Answer”]There’s[/toggle]

5. You are –

[toggle title=”Answer”]You’re[/toggle]

6. I do –

[toggle title=”Answer”]I’d[/toggle]

7. She will –

[toggle title=”Answer”]She’ll[/toggle]

8. We have –

[toggle title=”Answer”]We’ve[/toggle]

9. What shall –

[toggle title=”Answer”]What’ll[/toggle]

10. Where has –

[toggle title=”Answer”]Where’s[/toggle]

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