English Grammar Mock Quiz 1 – July to August

As you have observed, I am a new writer here at Ph Civil Service. I will be writing articles on Grammar and Correct Usage. 🙂

In the past month, I have discussed subject-verb agreement, how to identify pronouns, how to use the personal pronouns I and me, and contractions. Below is a mock quiz of all these topics.

Good luck. 🙂 

Mock Exam 1 (July-Aug)

1. Suhara and (I, me) are going out for lunch.
2. Riza and (her, she) new boyfriend are seen in the church together.
3. They (is, are) quite a dashing couple.
4. Rahman (leave, leaves) the office earlier than usual.
5. She (don’t, doesn’t) have any clue at all.
6. (We’ll, We’ve) have whatever the next table is having.
7. Well I guess it is you and (I, me) now who are going to clean after the baby.
8. (He, she) is her best friend’s sister.
9. The glue (is, are) not sticky enough to hold the balls together.
10. (Your, you’re) mom is calling for you.


1. I
2. her
3. are
4. leaves
5. doesn’t
6. We’ll
7. I
8. she
9. is
10. Your

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