Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 12

This is the twelfth part of the Civil Service Vocabulary Review series of Ph Civil Service Reviewer. In this series, we discuss the words that commonly appear in English vocabulary examinations. The other parts of this series can be found in this blog’s English page.
1. Abate – verb.
lessen, decrease, reduce, subside

Example: Mario waited for the storm to abate before leaving the town.

2. Bilk – verb
to defraud, cheat, to illegally obtain money by deception

Example: A case was filed against the previous treasurer for bilking the company.

3. Chagrin – noun
distressed or humiliated, disappointment

Example: Justin felt nothing but chagrin after being rejected by his crush.

4. Dank – adjective
clammy, musty, unpleasantly moist or humid

Example: Being stuck on the middle of a dank rain forest was the worst experience for me.

5. Emulate – verb
copy, imitate

Example: One of the judges at the pageant says that they’re going to choose the one who’s worth emulating.

6. Filch – verb
steal (esp. something of small value)

Example: Mrs. Miller’s kids were scolded for filching their neighbors’ guavas.

7. Garrulous – adjective
excessively talkative, chatty, loquacious, wordy

Example: Aunt Nanette is the most garrulous lady I’ve ever known. She can speak for hours without getting tired.

8. Humdrum – adjective
monotonous, dull, boring

Example: Nestor quit his job because of his humdrum work routine.

9. Incessant – adjective
uninterrupted, continuing without pause

Example: The incessant flow of blood was from her would was the reason of her death.

10. Jaunt – noun
short journey, trip

Example: Last week, we had a quick jaunt to Baguio.

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