Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 13

This is the PCSR 13th vocabulary reviewer.

1. Knave – noun
Untrustworthy person, rogue, scoundrel, unscrupulous man

Example: The knave is usually suspicious of everyone around him. 

2. Laggard – adjective
Slow, sluggish, dilatory

Example: Jimmy, a laggard, always makes his friends late too.

3. Marred – adjective
Damaged, disfigured, scarred

Example: It took me all day to scrub the walls marred by graffiti.

4. Nadir – noun
Lowest point

Example: The nadir of humanity is when the time comes that it does not care anymore about life.

5. Ornate- adjective
Excessively or elaborately decorated, flowery

Example: The ornate ice carving won the first prize in the last Ice Festival in Sapporo.

6. Pariah – noun
Outcast, castaway

Example: Persons with leprosy were treated as social pariahs.

7. Quell – verb
Put down, extinguish, put an end, suppress

Example: The government is now planning on to quell the rebellion.

8. Rapacious – adjective
Excessively greedy

Example: The rapacious loan shark stripped the tenants with all their possessions.

9. Sham – verb
Pretend, fake

Example: Lucia shammed her sickness to avoid going to the dentist.

10. Tether – verb
Tie with a rope, attach

Example: Before leaving the farm, we make sure to tether the cows and goats to prevent them from wandering.

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