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8 Tagalog Video Tutorials on Solving Age Problems

If you are not patient with reading long articles and you have a fast internet, you might want to check out the Solving Age Problems Video Series (see list below). These videos series has 8 videos which contain detailed explanations and solutions to various age problems discussed in the Ph Civil Service Review’s Solving Age Problems Series.

The video series starts with solving simple age problems mentally and gets more complicated as you go on. The last part of the series discusses how to solve age problems involving fractions.  The first video is shown below. Continue Reading

How to Solve Equations Video Tutorial Part 1

I have created a video about A Tutorial on Solving Equations Part 1 in Taglish or mixed Tagalog and English.  This is the first part of a series of video on how to solve equations. Watch the video to know about the concepts and ideas behind solving equations.

The equations solved in this video are the following:

1.) x + 4 = 9
2.) 3x = 18
3.) \frac{x}{5} = 12
4.) 2x + 3 = 9
5.) 4x - 3 = 9


Thanks for watching and I hope you like the video.

Video: How to Subtract Integers

This math video is a supplement material How to Subtract Integers.  In this video, I have explained how to convert a subtraction problem into addition problem in order to simplify it. This way, you only have to master addition of integers.

The idea is that all numbers that are of the form a - b can be converted into a + (-b).  Therefore, any subtraction can be converted into an addition problem. Watch the video to understand this strategy.

This video is in Taglish. For more Taglish math video, visit the Video Tutorials page.

How to Add Integers Video

This math video tutorial in Taglish (mixed Tagalog and English) discusses the rules and strategies in adding integers. The rules that are easy to remember is that when you add two positive integers, the answer is negative. Also, when you add two negative integers, the answer is also negative. Watch the video or read How to Add Integers to know how to add positive and negative integers.

 This video is a part of my collection of Taglish math videos in Sipnayan.

Techniques on Subtracting Fractions and Whole Numbers

The video below in mixed Tagalog and English is a tutorial on techniques in subtracting fractions and whole numbers (and vice versa). It discusses the “borrowing technique” which does not need to convert mixed fractions to improper fractions in order to perform the calculation. This technique will save you a lot of time and will lessen the probability of error during calculation.

This video is part of my collection of tagalog or Taglish math tutorials in I believe that Sipnayan will be very useful for elementary school and high school students, so you can share the blog with them.

Addition of Dissimilar Fractions

We have already learned Addition of Fractions, but we have not discussed much about addition of mixed numbers. The two videos below explains how to add mixed numbers.

Two methods are used in these tutorials. The first method involves adding the whole numbers first before adding the fractions.

I hope you find these videos helpful in the upcoming Civil Service Exam. This videos are to be uploaded in my Tagalog Math site titled Sipnayan. Continue Reading

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