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The Subject-Verb Agreement Rules Part 2

In the previous post, we have learned seven rules of the subject-verb agreement. We now continue with the 8th rule. 

Rule 8: Modifiers between the subject and the verb does not affect the number of the subject. 

Jason, who is a father of four, is currently suffering liver cancer. 

In this sentence, the phrase “who is a father of four” is a modifier of Jason. It does not affect Jason as a subject and therefore takes a singular verb ‘is.’ 

Rule 9: Some nouns (collective nouns) can be used as singular or plural depending on the context and usage.  Continue Reading

Subject-Verb Agreement Practice Test 1 Answers

Below are the answers to the Subject-Verb Agreement Practice Test 1. The incorrect verb in each sentence is highlighted red and the correct verb in the corrected sentence is highlighted green. An explanation follows every correction. 

Subject-Verb Agreement Practice Test 1 Answers

1. My brother or my sister are arriving tomorrow.

Correct sentence:  My brother or my sister is arriving tomorrow

Explanation: Two singular subjects connected by or require a singular verb. In this sentence, there brother and sister are both singular, so the sentence should use the singular verb is.

2. Neither Ella nor her friends is available to assist you.  Continue Reading