The Operations on Integers Series

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In the previous post, I have mentioned that it is important for you to master basic mathematics. One of the basic skills that you should master is operations on integers. Luckily, I have finished writing all the tutorials and reviewers for all the operations on integers.  They are listed below.

  1. How add Integers (Practice Test with SolutionsQuiz 1)
  2. How to Subtract Positive and Negative Integers ( Practice Test with SolutionsQuiz 1)
  3. How to Multiply Integers (Practice Test with Solutions , Quiz 1Quiz 2)
  4. Dividing Positive and Negative Integers (Practice Test  with SolutionQuiz)

Good luck and have fun. I will be posting the quizzes and PDF exercises soon, so keep posted.

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It’s 3 Months Before the Next Exam! 4 Things To do

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Yes, it’s three months before the next 2014 Civil Service Exam.If the original schedule pushes through, then the next exam will be on October 26th, exactly 3 months from now.

I think it is the perfect time for you to start your review seriously. Here are some of the things that you can do.

1.) Know the scope of the exam.

The exam is mainly composed of English and Mathematics. The details of the scope of the Civil Service Professional Exam and Sub-professional Exam can be found here. Focus on these types of exams, read, and practice everyday.  Continue reading

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When to Use the Personal Pronouns I and Me

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When do we use the personal pronouns I or me?

We use the word “I” when the pronoun is the subject of the verb. Meanwhile, we use the “me” if we are referring to the object of the verb.

Quick and dirty tip!

If you are confused, try to temporarily take out the other subject and read out loud. If it sounds nice, then it should be the correct one.

Example: (I, me) will go to Dumaguete with Jhody.

1. I will go to will go to Dumaguete with Jhody.
2. Me will go to Dumaguete with Jhody.  Continue reading

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