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Addition of Fractions Online Quiz 2

To those who want to test their skills on addition of fractions, you can take the online quiz below. This is a 10-item test with no time limit. You can immediately check if your answer is correct or not.

If the result of your score is not very good, you might want to read How to Add Fractions  and take the Practice Exercise with complete solutions. You might also check out the first online quiz on addition of fractions. It is slightly easier.

Rules: All answers must be in lowest terms and/or mixed fractions.

No calculator please. :-)

How to Solve Coin Problems Part 2

I have already introduced how to solve coin problems, so in this post, we solve more problems about it. Coin problems involve problems consisting coins, bills, and of course, any object of value. We have already solved 2 problems in the previous post, so we continue with the third problem.

Problem 3

A box contains 32 bills consisting of Php20 and Php50. The total amount of money in the box is 1000 pesos. How many bills of each kind are there?

Note: For my readers from other countries, Php means Philippine pesos. Continue reading

Video: How to Subtract Integers

This math video is a supplement material How to Subtract Integers.  In this video, I have explained how to convert a subtraction problem into addition problem in order to simplify it. This way, you only have to master addition of integers.

The idea is that all numbers that are of the form a - b can be converted into a + (-b).  Therefore, any subtraction can be converted into an addition problem. Watch the video to understand this strategy.

This video is in Taglish. For more Taglish math video, visit the Video Tutorials page.

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