2013 Year in Review – The Most Popular Posts

It is nearly the end of the year and I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Before the year ends, let us look back and the most popular posts this year. I hope you this blog has helped you a lot and will continue to help you in reviewing for the Civil Service Examination.

2013 Year in Review – The Most Popular Posts

  1. How to Divide Fractions
  2. How to Solve Civil Service Exam Number Series Problems 1
  3. Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 2
  4. How to Convert Mixed Fractions to Improper Fractions
  5. A Gentle Introduction to Fractions
  6. Grammar and Correct Usage Practice 2 Answers and Explanations
  7. How to Add Fractions
  8. Practice Test on Subtraction of Fractions
  9. 8 Tips on How to Pass the Civil Service Examination Next Time
  10. How to Subtract Positive and Negative Integers

How to Solve Civil Service Exam Number Series Problems 1

First of all let me clarify that what you are solving in the Civil Service Examination are number sequences (or letter sequences) and not a number series. A series has a different meaning in mathematics.

Before proceeding with the discussion below, first, try to find the next term in the following sequences.

1. 4, 7, 10, 13, ___

2.  17, 11, 5, -1,  ___

3. C, F, I, L, ___

4. \frac{1}{3}, \frac{5}{6}, \frac{4}{3}, \frac{11}{6}.

Solution and Explanation

Numbers 1 and 2 are the easiest type of sequence to solve. This is because they are integers and you just add (or subtract) a constant number to each term to get the next term.  In solving this type of sequence, you can see this pattern by subtracting adjacent terms (13 – 10 = 3, 10 – 7 = 3, 7- 4 = 3) to see if the difference is constant. If it is, then you will know that you will just have to add the same number to get the next term. Therefore, the next term to the first sequence is 13 + 3 = 16. » Read more

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 3

 This is the third of the Civil Service Exam Vocabulary review series. In this series, I am going to discuss the most popular words used in vocabulary examinations. Hopefully, some of these words will come up the next time you take the Civil Service Examination.

Aside from memorizing these words, I suggest that you use them in sentences. Write sentences using these words. If you will memorize these words without using them, it is likely that you will forget them sooner or later.

1. boisterous – noisy, rough, and energetic

Sample Sentence: The sound of her boisterous laughter was disturbing everyone.

2. camaraderie – a feeling of friendship to a group; good-fellowship

Sample Sentence: One of the most valuable things you learn in school aside from academic lessons is camaraderie. » Read more

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 2

Vocabulary is one of the main parts of the Civil Service Examination.  In this Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review series of posts, I am going to list the most popular vocabulary words used in examinations and their meaning. I have also written at least one sample sentence for each word.

Commonly Used Words in Examinations

1. abdicate – to give up a throne or right, power, or claim in a formal manner.

Sample Sentence: Edward VIII abdicated his throne to be with the woman he loved.

2. candor – the quality of being frank, sincere, and honest

Sample sentence: Everyone was surprised by the candor of his speech because he usually evades questions. » Read more

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 1

As in any examination, of course, the sets of questions change, so it is impossible to know what are the vocabulary words that will appear in the next Civil Service Exam. However, in vocabulary exams, there are also some  word favorites.  In this series of vocabulary review, I am going to discuss some of the words that usually appear in examinations. I suggest that you do not just memorize them. To remember them better, write your own sentence using these words and speak them whenever you have a chance.

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 

1. alleviate – to make easier to endure, to lessen

Sample Sentence: After this operation, take three tablets everyday to alleviate the pain.

2. amicable – friendly, showing good will

Sample Sentence: After so many years of battle in courts, the two families finally agreed on an amicable settlement. » Read more

Solutions and Answers to Subtraction of Fractions Practice Test

Below are the complete solutions and answers to the Practice Test on Subtraction of Fractions. If you do not know how to do it or you have forgotten the methods, please read  How to Subtract Fractions.

Practice Test on Subtraction of Fractions

1.  \frac{13}{17} - \frac{2}{17}.


The given fractions are similar, so we just subtract the numerators and copy the denominator.

\displaystyle \frac{13}{17} - \frac{2}{17} = \frac{11}{17}.

Answer: \frac{11}{17}. » Read more

Practice Test on Subtraction of Fractions

A month ago, I have discussed the first part of the subtraction of fraction tutorials and I apologize for the delay of the exercises.  Sharpen what you have learned from the practice test below.

Practice Test on Subtraction of Fractions

1.  \frac{13}{17} - \frac{2}{17}.

2.  \frac{8}{15} - \frac{4}{15}.

3. \frac{5}{8} - \frac{1}{2}

4. \frac{4}{5} - \frac{1}{3}

5. 2 \frac{3}{5} - \frac{1}{4}

6. 4 \frac{5}{6} - 2 \frac{1}{6} » Read more

8 Tips on How to Pass the Civil Service Examination Next Time

Since I graduated, I have conducted Civil Service Examination review from time to time and I know several people who took many times. Sadly, until now, some of them have not yet passed the exams.  I tried to think about what was wrong and here are my insights about it.

First of all, truth be told, if you look at the content of the Civil Service Examination, aside from Republic Act 6713, almost all of the scope of the examination is High School level. Now, if you have not passed the examination, it does not mean that you are dumb, but your review approach is probably wrong. Of course, for those who graduated before I was born (just kidding), you need a lot of brushing up to do.

Below are my insights on what must be wrong and what to do about them. If you can add more, it will be valuable for other readers.

Note: The tips below are for those who want or those who have taken the Civil Service Examination in the Philippines.  » Read more

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