Grammar and Correct Usage Practice Test 2

This is the second part of the Grammar and Correct Usage practice tests series. In each sentence, identify the error in punctuation, grammar, and usage.

1. Paul Erdos was a mathematician who writes a lot of research papers in collaboration with other mathematicians.

2. Anna lay her books on the table before opening her laptop.

3. Please seat here, Mr. Reyes. I’ll just call the doctor.

4. Which constellation do you see most often, Leo Minor or Pegasus?

5. He is the one which called earlier.

6. I am taking japanese class next semester.

7. Marie and Pierre Curie invented radium.

8. Her powerful speech regarding the abolition of pork barrel really affected the audience.

9. We were lucky we didn’t have no earthquake this year.

10. Running in the last marathon was a fun, challenging, exhausting, experience.

11. Anna the quiz blower of the class bagged another medal in a declamation contest.

12. I think that bolder must be removed from the street to avoid accident.

13. The movie was censured because of its many violent scenes.

14. In betting a lottery you can win from one million to Php200,000,000.

15. I wish you would; oh never mind.

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