Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 6

This is the sixth part of the Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Series. This series provides words that are usually used in examinations both local and abroad. Included in this reviewer are the meaning of the words as well as a sample sentence using these words. The complete list of this series can be found in the English page.

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 6

1. brusque – unfriendly, rude, rough

Sample Sentence: Even some educated people cannot hide their brusque manner sometimes.

2. deprive – to take something away, to withhold something from the enjoyment or possession 

Sample Sentence: Many parents deprive their kids of junk foods until the age of 10.

3. exploit – a notable deed or heroic act (noun), to utilize especially for profit (verb), to use selfishly for one’s own gain (verb).

Sample Sentences

  • The exploits of Achilles is known to many people, not just the Greeks.
  • Many companies exploit their employees because they know that it is hard to find a job nowadays.

4. endeavor – to attempt with effort, to strive to achieve or reach

Sample Sentence: He endeavored to learn Kanji characters for 3 years in order to read Japanese manga.

5. grumble – to complain about something, to utter complain in a low voice

Sample Sentence: She always grumbles when you tell her to do something.

6. insatiable – incapable of being satisfied

Sample Sentence: His insatiable appetite for power and money made him sacrifice all of his loved ones.

7. meddle – to involve in a matter without right or invitation, to change or handle something in a way that is unwanted or harmful

Sample Sentence: If people just don’t meddle with other people’s business, this world will be a better place to live in.

8. obese – very fat, overweight

Sample Sentence: Most of the things that can be bought in fast food chains today can make you obese.

9. presumptuous – to be confident in a way that is rude

Sample Sentence: He does not care who is he talking to; he is always presumptuous.

10. tantalize – to tempt, to cause someone to feel interest or excitement

Sample Sentence: The President tantalized him to a position in the board and now he has abandoned his principles.

That’s all for now. Practice by using the words in sentences. Use the comment box below and I’ll see if the sentence is correct.

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  • Arlene Macapagal

    April 10, 2020

    Thanks PCSR! I learned a lot.


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