Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 4

Let us continue learning grammar by answering the quiz below. Some of the answers below have brief explanations, while the ones can you can easily look up at a dictionary are not explained.

Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 4

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word.

1. We just came from Mount Apo. That was an exciting _____.

a.) trip
b.) journey
c.) voyage
d.) expedition

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. trip (all of them are synonyms, but trip is more appropriate) [/toggle]

2. It is normal for some controversial things to ____ debates.

a.) in sight
b.) incite
c.) insight
d.) in cite

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. incite (incite means stir or encourage) [/toggle]

3. __ hour ago, I met ___  beautiful woman.

a.) A, a
b.) An, a
c.) A, an
d.) An, an

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. An, a. An hour ago, I met a beautiful woman. [/toggle]

4. In my room, _____ three chairs and a table. My brother and I usually eat there in the morning.

a.) there is
b.) there are
c.) there was
d.) there were

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. there are[/toggle]

5.  Aliyah, did you see Amanda’s new dress? I’m sure ____ going to love it.

a.) you
b.) your
c.) youre
d.) you’re
[toggle title=”Answer”]d. you’re (contraction of you are) [/toggle]

6. See you tomorrow. Remember, everybody must bring ___ own lunch.

a.) them
b.) their
c.) there
d.) his

[toggle title=”Answer”]d. his (everybody means every person, hence singular)[/toggle]

7. Yesterday, our teacher ____ us a difficult exam.

a.) give
b.) gave
c.) was giving
d.) was give

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. gave [/toggle]

8. Who do you think is the best dancer ___ the group?

a.) between
b.) among
c.) inside
d.) with
[toggle title=”Answer”]b. among[/toggle]

9.  Gemma said thank you. She was ____.
a.) greetful
b.) greatul
c.) grateful
d.) gretful

[toggle title=”Answer”]c. grateful


10. This is just between you and __. Don’t tell anyone.

a.) I
b.) me
c.) myself
d.) mine

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. me (between should be followed by an objective pronoun such as me, him, her and us[/toggle]

What’s your score?

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