Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 4

Let us continue learning grammar by answering the quiz below. Some of the answers below have brief explanations, while the ones can you can easily look up at a dictionary are not explained.

Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 4

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word.

1. We just came from Mount Apo. That was an exciting _____.

a.) trip
b.) journey
c.) voyage
d.) expedition

a. trip (all of them are synonyms, but trip is more appropriate)

2. It is normal for some controversial things to ____ debates.

a.) in sight
b.) incite
c.) insight
d.) in cite

b. incite (incite means stir or encourage)

3. __ hour ago, I met ___  beautiful woman.

a.) A, a
b.) An, a
c.) A, an
d.) An, an

b. An, a. An hour ago, I met a beautiful woman.

4. In my room, _____ three chairs and a table. My brother and I usually eat there in the morning.

a.) there is
b.) there are
c.) there was
d.) there were

b. there are

5.  Aliyah, did you see Amanda’s new dress? I’m sure ____ going to love it.

a.) you
b.) your
c.) youre
d.) you’re

d. you’re (contraction of you are) 

6. See you tomorrow. Remember, everybody must bring ___ own lunch.

a.) them
b.) their
c.) there
d.) his

d. his (everybody means every person, hence singular)

7. Yesterday, our teacher ____ us a difficult exam.

a.) give
b.) gave
c.) was giving
d.) was give

b. gave

8. Who do you think is the best dancer ___ the group?

a.) between
b.) among
c.) inside
d.) with

b. among

9.  Gemma said thank you. She was ____.
a.) greetful
b.) greatul
c.) grateful
d.) gretful

c. grateful

10. This is just between you and __. Don’t tell anyone.

a.) I
b.) me
c.) myself
d.) mine

b. me (between should be followed by an objective pronoun such as me, him, her and us

What’s your score?

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