Grammar Quiz – Is, It, Its, It’s

 It is a pronoun that usually refers to something that has previously mentioned or easily identified.

Example: A room with two televisions in it.

Its is the possessive form of it.

Example:This is a weird-looking gadget. What is its purpose? 

It’s is a contraction of it is or it has.

Example: It’s time to go. (It is time to go). 

Grammar Quiz – Is, It, Its, It’s

1. Wake up guys. ____ 6 am. We’ll be late for school.

a.) Is
b.) Is it
c.) It’s
d.) Its 

[toggle title=”Answer”]c. It’s[/toggle]

2. _____ true that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have many charity work?

a.) It’s
b.) Is it
c.) Its
d.) Is

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. Is it (the speaker is asking a question). [/toggle]

3. Sarah lives in a small town in Ireland. I forgot ___ name.

a.) its
b.) is
c.) it’s
d.) it

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. its[/toggle]

4. I’d like to drink coffee. ___ the water hot yet?

a.) Is
b.) Isn’t
c.) It
d.) Its

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. Isn’t[/toggle]

5. Is that your bag? ___ zipper is open.

a.) Its
b.) It’s
c.) Is
d.) It
[toggle title=”Answer”]d. Its[/toggle]

6. Mother: Please answer the door. That’s your dad.

Daughter. It ____ dad mom. It’s the mailman.

a.) is
b.) isn’t
c.) its
d.) it’s

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. isn’t[/toggle]

7.  The rumor ___ true. We just had some misunderstanding but we are still together.

a.) is
b.) its
c.) it’s
d.) isn’t

[toggle title=”Answer”]d. isn’t[/toggle]

8. Melissa, ____ true that the president of our company is leaving?

a.) it is
b.) is
c.) isn’t
d.) is it
[toggle title=”Answer”]d. is it[/toggle]

9.  ____ going to be hot today. The sun is up and there are no clouds.
a.) Is
b.) Its
c.) It’s
d.) It

[toggle title=”Answer”]c. It’s[/toggle]

10. You two just blew ___. The party was supposed to be a surprise. Why did you tell her?

a.) it
b.) its
c.) it’s
d.) is

[toggle title=”Answer”]c. it[/toggle]

Did you like the quiz? Did you perform well? For more quizzes and practice test, visit the Practice Test page.


  • Pen

    June 6, 2019

    The answer in question number 5 must be letter a. Its, instead of d. There’s a typo error

  • Pen

    June 6, 2019

    Another typo error in number 10. The answer should be letter a. It, instead of c.


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