Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 5

This is the fifth Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz in PH Civil Service Review. Good luck and enjoy learning.

Grammar and Correct Usage Quiz 5

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word.

1. They _______ TV while I was cleaning the dishes.

a.) are watching
b.) was watching
c.) were watching
d.) had watched

c. were watching

2. James ____ in Manila for the past 8 years.

a.) stayed
b.) has stayed
c.) stays
d.) is staying 

b. has stayed

3. Are there ____ cookies in the fridge?

a.) many
b.) much
c.) any
d.) a

c. any

4. I liked it. That _______ interesting movie.

a.) was a
b.) was an
c.) is
d.) is an

b. was an

5. I went __ the market yesterday.

a.) to
b.) at
c.) in
d.) on

a. to

6. Ron: Gabby, look at the new girl. You know her right. What ___ she like?
Gabby: She’s very bubbly.

a.) does
b.) is
c.) did
d.) has

b. is

7. Please hurry up. I need ____ immediately.

a.) go
b.) going
c.) to going
d.) to go

d. to go

8. I ____ a new mobile phone yesterday.

a.) bought
b.) buyed
c.) had bought
d.) did bought

a. bought

9. How ____ was the phone?
a.) many
b.) much
c.) few
d.) more

b. much

10. I love ______ classical music..

a.) listen
b.) listen to
c.) listening to
d.) to listening to

c. listening to

What’s your score?

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