Fun with Homophones and Vocabulary

My traffic has gone up, so I know that a lot of you are already studying for the next Civil Service Exam. Well, here’s something that will make you relax (hopefully) a bit.

Homophones are words that have the same pronunciation, but different meaning. can you identify any words that have such characteristics?

In each of the following groups of words identify the odd one out. 

1) counsel, cancel, council

[toggle title=”Answer”]cancel[/toggle]

2.) so, sow, saw

[toggle title=”Answer”]saw[/toggle]

3.) leek, leak, lick

[toggle title=”Answer”]lick[/toggle]

4.) sin, seen, scene

[toggle title=”Answer”]sin[/toggle]

5.) sell, sale, cell

[toggle title=”Answer”]sale[/toggle]

6) bone, borne, born

[toggle title=”Answer”]bone[/toggle]

Choose the most appropriate word that should go into the blanks in the sentences below.

1. His wise ________ helped me make the correct decision.
a) counsel
b) cancel
c) council

[toggle title=”Answer”]a[/toggle]

2. When he ________the ________he decided to run from the garden.
a.) So
b.) sow
c.) saw

[toggle title=”Answer”]a, b. In this context, sow is a female pig. [/toggle]

3. The deer was drawn to a salt ________
b) leak
c) lick

[toggle title=”Answer”]c[/toggle]

4. The ________of crime was ________by every one.
a.) sin
b.) seen
c.) scene

[toggle title=”Answer”]c, b [/toggle]

5. He will ________ his bicycle when he goes to his prison ________.

a.) sell
b.) sale
c.) cell

[toggle title=”Answer”]a, c[/toggle]

6. A problem ________ out of frustration has gripped the family.
a.) bone
b.) borne
c.) born

[toggle title=”Answer”]b[/toggle]

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