Grammar Tutorial: Simple Past Tense

Simple past tense is used when the action referred to happened in the past.

Example: They walked to the police station yesterday.

In this example, the verb walk is added with “ed” since the situation happened the day before. This is indicated by “yesterday.”

Rules in Forming the Verbs

a.) Verbs ending in e are usually just appended by -d.


  • dive – dived
  • tie – tied
  • carve – carved

b.) Verbs ending in a consonant preceded by a single stressed vowel double the consonant in the past tense.


  • hop – hopped
  • stop – stopped
  • fit – fitted

b.) Most verbs that end in y change the y into -ied


  • Hurry – hurried
  • Bury – buried
  • Reply – replied
  • Worry – worried

c.) In regular verbs, the past simple ends in -ed


walk – walked
talk – talked
worship – worshiped
wash – washed

d.) Some verbs are irregular


  • write – wrote
  • see – saw
  • go – went
  • throw – threw
  • cost – cost
  • hit – hit

Quiz for simple past tense

1. Linda ______ in my house last week.

a. stay
b. stayd
c. stayed

[toggle title=”Answer”]c. stayed[/toggle]

2. I ______ the bunny at Nordstrom’s.

a. buyed
b. bawt
c. bought

[toggle title=”Answer”]c. bought[/toggle]

3. He just ______ “Hi.”

a. said
b. sayed
c. sought

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. said[/toggle]

4. I ______ the article in the newspaper.

a. read
b. red
c. readed

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. read[/toggle]

5. She ______ 10 gifts.

a. choosed
b. chosed
c. chose

[toggle title=”Answer”]c. chose[/toggle]

6. The water rise during the 1962 floods ______ about 10 feet.

a. rise
b. rised
c. rose

[toggle title=”Answer”]c. rose[/toggle]

7. Andy ______four chicken legs and one chicken breast.

a. fried
b. freid
c. freed

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. fried[/toggle]

8. He ______ the glass by accidentally knocking it over with his elbow.

a. broke
b. brake
c. broked

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. broke[/toggle]

9. How did they send the letter?
They ______ the letter by airmail.

a. saint
b. sent
c. sunt

[toggle title=”Answer”]b. sent[/toggle]

10. I ______ that Japanese would be hard for me to learn.

a. knew
b. know
c. knowed

[toggle title=”Answer”]a. knew[/toggle]

Now, what’s your score?

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