Monthly Archives: October 2014

How to Calculate the Area of a Triangle

We have learned about the areas of squares, rectangles, circle, parallelogram, and trapezoid. There is one important shape we haven’t discuss: the area of a triangle. The area of a triangle is  half the product of its base and height. But did you know where did the formula come from? Let us discuss it in this post.… Read More »

The Word Analogy Tutorial Series

In the previous three posts, we have discussed methods and strategies on answering word analogy questions. In this post, we are going to summarize what we have learned. This is the Word Analogy Tutorial Series. How to Answer Word Analogy Questions Part 1 uses double word analogy question as an example to answer basic questions on… Read More »

How to Answer Word Analogy Questions Part 1

One type of question in the Civil Service Examination is Word Analogy. Word Analogy, tests your knowledge to see the relationship between words. In this kind of test, first, you have to know the relationship between two words, and then look for the another pair of word that has the same relationship. In particular, this is… Read More »

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