Video Series: How to Solve Consecutive Number Problems

PH Civil Service Review partners with the Sipnayan Youtube Channel in order to teach the basic concepts of mathematics easily. These tutorials are explained in mixed Tagalog and English, so viewers would be able to understand more. Below is one of the video series in the Sipnayan Youtube channel: a series of tutorials on how to solve consecutive number problems.

Part 1

The first video shown below discusses the definition of consecutive numbers. It also explains the difference of consecutive numbers, consecutive even numbers, and consecutive odd numbers. It discusses how to represent consecutive numbers algebraically and gives two sample problems.

Part 2 (click here to watch video), discusses in details two more examples. The first is four consecutive numbers with a sum of 70 and the third one is 3 consecutive numbers with a sum of 51.

Part 3 (click here to watch video) discusses two consecutive number problems describing their terms.

Aside from these videos, PH Civil Service Review has also a tutorial series on “The Solving Consecutive Number Problems Series” which discusses more examples in details. You can also subscribe to the Sipnayan Youtube Channel to be updated to the latest videos.

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