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December 6, 2015 Civil Service Prof Exam Result – NCR List of Passers (A-E)

Below is the list of passers from NCR of the Civil Service Exam Professional Examination conducted on December 6, 2015 with surnames A-E.  SeqNo Region ExamNo Name 1 13 476555 ABACA, JESSICA EUCHEL F 2 13 474224 ABAD, CZARINA ANNE T 3 13 474797 ABAD, FREMY GRACE S 4 13 465893 ABADA, JUSTINE R 5 13 466587 ABAINZA,… Read More »

Solving Quadratic Equations by Quadratic Formula

In the previous post, we have learned how to solve quadratic equations by factoring. In this post, we are going to learn how to solve quadratic equations using the quadratic formula. In doing this, we must identify the values of , , and , in and substitute their values to the quadratic formula . Note… Read More »

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