Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Week 1 – Set 2

This is the PCSR first vocabulary reviewer.

1.) Articulate – adjective

Communicative, fluent

Mr. Ramos’ articulate speech during his presentation impressed his employers.

2.) Biennial – adjective

Occurring every second years

Presidential meetings are usually biennial.

3.) Devise – verb

Formulate, invent, think up

“Have you heard about the teenager who have devised a vest that can prevent breast cancer?”, Mina asked.

4.) Eon – noun

An immeasurably long period of time; an age

“The last time I had an ice cream was eons ago!”, Johnny said to his mother.

5.) Facade – noun

The face or front of a building; superficial or false appearance.

The facade of the Barasoain’s church was printed on the ten-peso bill before.

Danny bullies his classmates to show his power, but that was just a facade he put on to conceal his fears.

6.) Sinecure – noun

Well-paid position with little responsibility.

Leo was hired just because he’s our manager’s nephew and his job is so sinecure.

7.) Assiduous – adjective

Sedulous, diligent

Mrs. Santos is known for his assiduous works. You can see on her crafts that she pays attention to every detail.

8.) Connoisseur – noun

Specialist; expert

I am very honored that a Connoisseur examined my work.

9.) Desiccate – verb

Dry; dehydrate; wither

Persons who worked on fields were warned about the rise on the temperature this week. They were also advised to drink plenty of fluids for the heat can be very desiccating.

10.) Espouse – verb

Support; adopt

Lindy is always ready to espouse everyone’s idea.

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