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Week 4 Review Answers and Solutions

Below are the solutions and answers to the Week 4 Practice Problems and Solutions. Practice Exercises 1 Note: In multiplying fractions, we multiply the numerator by the numerator of the other fraction, and then multiply the denominator by the denominator of the other fraction. For whole numbers, we can put 1 as the denominator. All fractions… Read More »

Week 4 Review: Practice Exercises and Problems

In the previous post, you have learned about multiplication and division of fractions. Now, let’s solve some exercises and problems. Practice Exercises 1 a.) 1/2 × 1/3 b.) 2/3 × 4/5 c.) 8 × 5/6 d.) 2 5/8 × 3 e.) 3 1/8 × 4/5 f.) 1 2/3 × 2 3/4 Practice Exercises 2 a.) 1/5 ÷… Read More »

Week 3 Review Answers and Solutions

These are the answers and solutions to the Week 3 Practice Exercises and Problems. Solutions to Practice Exercise 1 a.) 2 1/5 + 3 2/5 We can add the whole numbers first, 2 + 1 = 3. Then, add the fractions: 1/5 + 2/5 = 3/5. We then combine the whole number and the fraction,… Read More »

Week 3 Review: Practice Exercises and Problems

In the last post, we learned about addition and subtraction of mixed fractions.  To test your knowledge about these topics, answer the exercises and word problems below. The answer answers and solutions will be posted soon. Practice Exercises 1 a.) 2 1/5 + 3 2/5 b.) 8 1/4 + 2 3/4 c.) 5 + 2… Read More »

Solving Ratio and Proportion Problems Part 2

In the previous post, we have learned the meaning and notation of ratio. We can write the ratio of 8 girls and 12 boys as 8:12 or as 8/12. However, if we represent this as fraction, we can also reduce the fraction to its lowest terms which is equal to 2/3. Converting to lowest term is dividing… Read More »

Practice Exercises on Subtraction of Integers

To answer the exercises below, it is assumed that you have already finished reading addition of integers and subtraction of integers. In subtraction of integers, we have learned two rules: (1) a – b = a + (-b) (2) a – (-b) = a + b We will use these rules in answering the exersises… Read More »

Solving Word Problems by Working Backwards: Summary

In the previous posts, I have shown to you a series on how to solve word problems by working backward.  Although I recommend that you learn this method, it is also very important to learn algebraic methods and others since some problems are difficult to solve by working backward. Below are the posts in this series. How… Read More »

How to Solve Word Problems by Working Backwards Part 3

In part 1 and part 2 of this series, we have learned how to solve number age problems by working backward. In this post, we are going to learn how to solve backward using inverse operations. Recall that multiplication and division are inverse operations and addition and subtraction are inverse operations. Example 5 A number is… Read More »

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