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Adding Decimals Video Tutorials

I created an Adding Decimals Video Tutorials which will be a supplement on How to Add Decimals. I think the examples here can be a supplement to the post I made earlier. The videos are both in Taglish version for my Filipino readers and English for my readers from other countries. The given numbers in the problem… Read More »

How to Get the Greatest Common Factor of Numbers

A tutorial on how to get the greatest common factor of two numbers. In this video, the concept of factors was briefly explained. A simple application of greatest common factor which is converting fractions to lowest terms was also illustrated. Errata: In example 2, 9 is also a factor of 45. In example 3, 2 is… Read More »

How to Convert Fractions to Lowest Terms

This is a video (in mixed Tagalog and English) on how to convert fractions to lowest terms. The video discusses the concept of common factors and several strategies on converting fractions to lowest terms. The third example also highlights repeated division in case the numerator and the denominator of the fraction are large numbers. For… Read More »

Video in Filipino: How to Add Similar Fractions

We have discussed How to Add Fractions and one supplement material that you can watch is the video below. The video discusses how to add similar fractions. The language is a mixed conversational Filipino and English (Taglish). You may also watch the video on Youtube and subscribe to the Philippine Civil Service Review Youtube Channel.… Read More »

Tagalog Video: The Concept of Least Common Multiple

I am planning to include videos of explanation of mathematical concepts in this blog and below is my first trial video. The explanation in the video is mostly Filipino (Tagalog) and sometimes English. This video discusses the concept of least common multiple which is used in addition of fractions. I hope you learn something from… Read More »

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