How to Solve Rectangle Area Problems Part 1

The area of a rectangle including square are the simplest to calculate.  As we have discussed in the previous post, they can be calculated by multiplying their length and the width. That is if a rectangle has area , length and width , then, or simply . In this post, we are going to solve various problem involving… Read More »

Grammar Quiz – Past, Present, Future Tenses

English is more than 50% of the coverage of the Civil Service Exams. Most of the exam types are about grammar and correct usage. It is important that you master basic grammar in order to increase  your chance of passing the exam. Below is a review of your knowledge of past, present, and future tenses.  We will be… Read More »

The Solving Discount Problems Series

This is the summary of the series on Solving Discount Problems Series. This series is  is divided into three parts: a note on solving discount problems, the strategies to use, and a quiz to assess your knowledge about the topic. 1. How to Solve Discount Problems discusses the basic concepts of discount problems, the common terminologies used, and… Read More »

Strategies in Solving Discount Problems

In the previous post, we have learned how to solve discount problems. In this post, I am going to teach you some strategies that will make solving faster. We know the Civil Service Examinations, as well as other examinations, are always under time pressure. Being able to solve problems fast will be a great advantage.… Read More »

How to Solve Discount Problems

The Civil Service Examinations offer various types of math problems which may change from one examination to another. Two types of math problems that will likely appear are discount and interest problems. In this post, we will tackle discount problems. The tag price that you see on items are their marked price. The sale price is the price that you… Read More »

Grammar Quiz – Articles (a, an, the)

Articles are basically adjectives. They modify nouns. There are three articles namely a, an, and the.  The is used to refer to something specific or particular. It is called a definite article. A and an refer to something non-specific or non-particular. They are called indefinite articles. Examples * Please give me the newspaper. In this sentence, the speaker refers… Read More »

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