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PCSR Civil Service Exam Review Guide 5

After learning the operations on fractions in Review Guide 3 and Review Guide 4, let us turn our attentionto operations on decimals this week. In this tutorial, we are going to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Here is your review guide from the week. PART I: MATHEMATICS A. Operations on Decimals A.1 Videos Lesson… Read More »

Week 7 Review: Answers and Solutions

Below are the answers to the Week 7 Review Exercises and Problems. Since I cannot align the decimals using this platfrom, I just wrote the answers. You can check your answer using a calculator. Exercise 1 a.) 1.2 + 3.02 + 4.003 (Answer: 8.223) b.) 1.05 + 0.006 + 4.501 (Answer: 5.55) c.) 12.1 – 4.25… Read More »

Week 7 Review: Practice Exercises and Problems

Now that we have learned how to operate with decimals and percents and how to convert from one representation to another, let’s have some exercises. Exercise 1 a.) 1.2 + 3.02 + 4.003 b.) 1.05 + 0.006 + 4.501 c.) 12.1 – 4.25 d.) 11.8 – 2.005 e.) 12.1 – 21.53 + 2.563 Exercise 2… Read More »

A Taglish Tutorial Video on Adding Decimals

Last week, I discussed how to add numbers with decimals and I have created a supplementary video about the post. As I have discussed, in adding decimals, you just have to align the decimal numbers and perform the usual column addition. In addition, in decimal numbers, zeros can always be added on the right hand… Read More »

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