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Rules in Alphabetic Filing Part 8

In the previous post we have learned how to file business names. In this post, we are going to learn how to file business names that are made up of two or more surname . Rule 8 When a business name is made up of two or more surnames, it is filed as written – write… Read More »

Rule 6 Alphabetizing Exercise

Rule 6 Alphabetizing Exercise 1) a) Gen. Mc Arthur b) Sis. Grace c) Ms. Ludovice d) Ptr. Romy e) Capt. Gordon 2) a) Engr. Rivera b) Atty. Carbonel c) Fr. Ambrocio d) Atty. Lao e) Bro. Junjun 3) a) Pen and Paper Bookstore Inc. b) Pepper and Lemon Fastfood Inc. c) Seven Island Co. d) Ace… Read More »

Alphabetizing Quiz 5

File the following correctly. Item 01 a) Master Roshi Siomai House b) Doctor Love Pet Clinic c) Sister Mary’s Cupcakes d) Miss Minchin’s Donut House e) Sir Ramos’ Book Shop 1) b-c-a-d-e 2) b-d-a-e-c 3) b-c-d-e-a 4) b-a-d-c-e 5) b-a-d-e-c Item 02 a) Victoria L. Romero, Ph.D b) Tirso Cruz III c) Tony Clemente Jr. d) Belinda Salalila,… Read More »

Alphabetizing Quiz 4

File the following correctly. Item 01 1) Analiza B. Viray 2) Annaliza C. Vicencio 3) Mary Ann D. Santiago 4) Carmela M. Santos 5) Janice O. Yap a) 3-4-2-1-5 b) 3-4-1-2-5 c) 3-4-1-5-2 d) 3-4-5-1-2 e) 3-1-4-5-2 Item 02 1) Lily O. Allen 2) Mandy N. Perez 3) Gigi F. Hadid 4) Madison T. Reyes 5)… Read More »

Rule 4 Alphabetizing Exercise

Rule 4 Alphabetizing Exercise 1) a) Janna D. De Pedro b) Merida O. Alimo-ong c) Neil F. Ag-bon d) Mildred N. Delos Santos e) Guillermo P. Delos Reyes 2) a) Roel M. Magan-an b) Gener G. Quinta-cruz c) Jojo B. Dela Cruz d) Imee T. Tambo-on e) Ginny H. Dela Vega 3) a) Rose Anne… Read More »

Rule 1 Alphabetizing Exercise

Rule 1 Alphabetizing Exercise 1) a) Mace H. Ignacio b) Ginny B. Tomas c) Mary U. Almario d) Oscar P. Yap e) Maxine T. Gomez 2) a) Vicky E. Rabino b) Russell A. Simon c) Delia H. Nieva d) Dondon I. Nievas e) Sunshine R. Neiva 3) a) Fiona T. Uy b) Renzo C. Quesada… Read More »

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