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Rules in Alphabetic Filing Part 11

In the previous post we have learned how todeal with letters that are used together to form a name. In this post, we’ll learn how to file names with numbers. Rule 11: I. Numeric names are always filed as though spelled out. II. Numbers of more than two digits are given their proper numeric value. Consider… Read More »

Rule 5 Alphabetizing Exercise

Rule 5 Alphabetizing Exercise 1) a) Prince William b) Senator Pacquiao c) Mayor Teodoro d) Miss Minerva e) King Ned 2) a) Professor Mendoza b) Chancellor De Vera c) Sir Eugene d) Atty. Lao e) Father Carbajal 3) a) Father Andres Carbajal b) Doctor Jelly San Andres c) Sister Mercy Pastrana d) Professor Julius Ong-Lee… Read More »

Rule 4 Alphabetizing Exercise

Rule 4 Alphabetizing Exercise 1) a) Janna D. De Pedro b) Merida O. Alimo-ong c) Neil F. Ag-bon d) Mildred N. Delos Santos e) Guillermo P. Delos Reyes 2) a) Roel M. Magan-an b) Gener G. Quinta-cruz c) Jojo B. Dela Cruz d) Imee T. Tambo-on e) Ginny H. Dela Vega 3) a) Rose Anne… Read More »

Rule 1 Alphabetizing Exercise

Rule 1 Alphabetizing Exercise 1) a) Mace H. Ignacio b) Ginny B. Tomas c) Mary U. Almario d) Oscar P. Yap e) Maxine T. Gomez 2) a) Vicky E. Rabino b) Russell A. Simon c) Delia H. Nieva d) Dondon I. Nievas e) Sunshine R. Neiva 3) a) Fiona T. Uy b) Renzo C. Quesada… Read More »

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