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Civil Service Exam Antonyms Reviewer

Here are some multiple-choice Civil Service exam reviewers on antonyms.

Instruction: Choose the letter that corresponds to the word opposite in meaning to the bold and italicized word in the sentence.

1.) Because of his love for culture and the arts, Martin is considered by his friends as elegant and refined.

A.) aggressive
B.) praiseworthy
C.) philistine
D.) peaceful

2.) I don’t think they have the temerity to put these accusations in print.

A.) meekness
B.) silence
C.) daring
D.) strength

3.) Waging a campaign against the candidate’s character, the press attempted to vilify Mr. Rosario and his family.

A.) criticize
B.) publish
C.) mask
D.) praise

4.) Young people who experience unrequited love often outgrow it and become more mature in their dealings.

A.) uncensored
B.) reciprocated
C.) remarkable
D.) rejected

5.) It is not a good thing to hang out with people with morose dispositions in life.

A.) thoughtful
B.) jubilant
C.) depressing
D.) unresponsive

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Civil Service Review Spelling Quiz 15

In each item, find the word with incorrect spelling.

Item 01

a.) chamaraderie

b.) parenting

c.) tsunami

d.) cataclysm

e.) None of the above.

Item 02

a.) readiness

b.) taxonomy

c.) extsasy

d.) catastrophe

e.) None of the above.

Item 03

a.) strenous

b.) dissension

c.) occasion

d.) handkerchief

e.) None of the above.

Item 04

a.) synonymous

b.) interceed

c.) restaurateur

d.) proverbial

e.) None of the above.

Item 05

a.) aficionado

b.) knowledge

c.) electrical

d.) smorgasboard

e.) None of the above.

Item 06

a.) ewe

b.) diphthong

c.) perswade

d.) remuneration

e.) None of the above.

Item 07

a.) tarriff

b.) category

c.) embarrass

d.) dysfunction

e.) None of the above.

Item 08

a.) offered

b.) treshold

c.) ophthalmologist

d.) vaccinate

e.) None of the above.

Item 09

a.) dissension

b.) tragedy

c.) suseptible

d.) desiccate

e.) None of the above.

Item 10

a.) committee

b.) sillhouette

c.) deceive

d.) excerpt

e.) None of the above.


  1. a. – camaraderie
  2. c. – ecstasy
  3. a. – strenuous
  4. b. – intercede
  5. d. – smorgasbord
  6. c. – persuade
  7. a. – tariff
  8. b. – threshold
  9. c. – susceptible
  10. b. – silhouette

August 2017 PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 9

Week 9: May 28 – June 3

This is the ninth review guide for the Philippine Civil Service Review. In this guide, we will learn about PEMDAS and order of operations. We will also learn new sets of words in our Vocabulary review as well as a spelling quiz.


A. 1 Articles

PEMDAS and Order of Operations
PEMDAS Practice Test
PEMDAS Practice Test Answer

A.2 Videos

Introduction to PEMDAS
PEMDAS Order of Operations 1
PEMDAS Order of Operations 2
PEMDAS Order of Operations 3


A. Analogy

How to Answer Word Analogy Questions Part 1
How to Answer Word Analogy Questions Part 2
How to Answer Word Analogy Questions Part 3

B. Vocabulary
Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review Part 9

Tip: Try to memorize the words and use it in your own words.

C. Spelling

Civil Service Review Spelling Quiz 9