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Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 16

This is the PCSR 16th vocabulary reviewer. 1. Altercation – Noun Affray, fracas, noisy quarrel, heated dispute Example: Lando and Rino’s altercation end in fist fight. 2. Brawn – Noun Heftiness, muscularity, muscular strength Example: It takes brawn to become a weightlifting champion like Hidilyn Diaz. 3. Charlatan – Noun Fraud, deceiver, quack, pretender to… Read More »

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 14

This is the PCSR 14th vocabulary reviewer. 1.) gullible – adjective Easily deceived or tricked, credulous, naïve, exploitable Example: The Budol-Budol group is now in jail for scamming gullible senior citizens. 2.) abyss – noun Bottomless gulf or pit, extremely deep hole Example: While standing on a cliff to capture his perfect shot, he dropped… Read More »

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