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A Tutorial on Solving Equations Part 1

Solving equations is one of the most fundamental concepts that you should learn to be able to solve a lot of mathematical problems such as those in the Civil Service Examinations. For example, for you to be able to solve a word problem, you need to translate words into expressions, set up the equation, and solve it. Therefore, you should learn this post and its continuation by heart.

In this series of posts, we are going to learn how to solve equations and then learn how to solve different types of problems  (number, age, coin, Geometry, motion, etc). These types of problems usually appear in the Civil Service Examinations. Continue Reading

A Teaser on Answering Number Series Questions

First of all, I would like to point out the term series in the “Number Series” questions in the Civil Service Examinations is a bit incorrect. Technically, the list of numbers in the examinations is actually called a sequence.  A series is a sequence of sums — well, I will not go into details since it is not included in the examinations.  You can  click the link though if you want to know about it.

Second, this is quite a premature discussion since I have only written a few posts about integers. I planned to write about this later, but I thought that a teaser would be nice. In this post, I will show you that it is a must to master all the topics in mathematics because they are all connected. We will not discuss the strategies on how to answer the sequence problems here; I will have a separate post about them later. Don’t stop reading though because you are going to miss half of your life if you do (kidding). Continue Reading