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Identifying Error Exercise

Direction: Each sentence consists of four underlined words or phrases. Identify the one word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct. If there are no errors, choose “No error”. Encircle letter of your choice.

1.) Jasper and me went to the park to play soccer with our friends. No error.

A.) me
B.) went
C.) to play
D.) with
E.) No error.

2.) The duties of the council chair are to preside over meetings, monitoring the progress of the group and consulting with more senior officers on issues discussed in meetings. No error
A.) council chair
B.) to preside
C.) monitoring
D.) consulting
E.) No error.

3.) The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land, and have the final decision on issues that matter the most. No error.
A.) is
B.) in the land
C.) have
D.) the most.
E.) No error.

4.) The value of the peso declines as the rate of inflation raises. No error.
A.) value
B.) declines
C.) as the
D.) raises.
E.) No error.

5.) Either Prof. Leloy Claudio or his fellow professors identifies as anti-communist. No error.
A.) either
B.) or
C.) his fellow professors
D.) identifies
E.) No error.

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2018 PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 19

2018 PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 19
Week 19: February 5 – February 11, 2018

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Lesson 6: Area of a Parallelogram – Sample Problems
Lesson 7: Area of a Triangle – Concept and Formula
Lesson 8: Area of a Triangle – Sample Problems
Lesson 9: Area of a Trapezoid – Concept and Formula
Lesson 10: Area of a Trapezoid – Concept and Formula
Lesson 11: Area of a Circle – Concept and Formula
Lesson 12: Area of a Circle – Sample Problems


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