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Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Review 17

This is the PCSR 17th vocabulary reviewer.

1. Scurrilous – Adjective
Scandalous, defamatory, libelous, offensive

Example: Once you enter the world of the show business, you should be ready to face the scurrilous attacks of your bashers.

2. Ebullient – Adjective
Showing excitement; cheerful and full of energy

Example: The host’s ebullient nature is contagious.

3. Primp – Verb
Groom oneself with care; tidy; spend time making minor adjustments to (one’s hair, makeup)

Example: The groom stood by nervously while his bride-to-be primped one last time before the mirror.

4. Expedite – Verb
Hasten; hurry; accelerate

Example: The client requested to expedite the delivery due to her tight schedule.

5. Affluence – Noun
Abundance; wealth

Example: The philanthropist uses his affluence to help people in need.

6. Consort – Noun
Husband or wife; or companion

Example: The search for a consort for the debutant ended happily.

7. Flout – Verb
Defy; break; disobey

Example: The protesters flouted all authority.

8. Gawk – Verb
Stare foolishly; look in open-mouthed awe

Example: Ruben gawked at Sally as she walked down the stairs.

9. Haggle – Verb
Argue about the price; negotiate; bargain

Example: Although Gina is quite wealthy, she will haggle to save a peso.

10. Hoard – Verb
Stockpile; accumulate for future use; stock; store

Example: Whenever there are rumors of food shortage, many people are tempted to hoard food.

That’s all.

Civil Service Exam Vocabulary Week 8 – Set 2

This is the PCSR eighth vocabulary reviewer.

1.) Saunter – verb

Stroll slowly; walk leisurely

The newly-weds sauntered by the beach while enjoying the sunset.

2.) Acquiesce – verb

To agree or express agreement; to accept something without protest; to comply; submit

The employees acquiesce to the new policies.

3.) Defame – verb

To slander or libel

Miguel sue Arnold for defaming him.

4.) Contingency – noun

A possible event

Because of the bad weather, we were advised to be prepared for all possible contingencies.

5.) Emblem – noun

A symbol; special design or visual object representing a quality, type, group, etc.

During Holy week, we abstain from eating meat as an emblem of our sacrifice.

6.) Castigate – verb

To punish; reprimand severely

Mang Pedro castigated his son for stealing.

7.) Exigent – adjective

Urgent; demanding attention

The exigent demand of the situation leave me no choice but to agree with the majority.

8.) Virile – adjective

Masculine; manly

Robert’s deep virile voice on the phone sounds scary.

9.) Trivial – adjective

Of little importance or value

Today’s preaching was about focusing our eyes on riches in heavens, not on the trivial things here on earth.

10.) Umbrage – noun

Feeling of anger caused by being offended; offense or annoyance

He took umbrage at my remarks.