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PCSR REVIEW SERIES WEEK 7: Conversion of Decimals, Percent, and Fractions Operations

After learning about solving quations, let’s learn about operations on decimals. Let’s also learn the conversion among decimals, fractions, and percent. Below are the articles and videos about these topics. Exercises and problems will be posted later.


Operations on Decimals





The Fraction-Decimal-Percent Conversion Series

If you are having a hard time converting fractions to decimals and vice versa, converting fraction to percent and vice versa, and converting decimal to percent and vice versa, you can read the posts below. I will be creating practice tests with complete solutions later, so stay posted.

  1. How to Convert Fraction to Decimals (Quiz)
  2. How to Convert Decimal to Fractions (Quiz)
  3. How to Convert Fraction to Percent Part 1
  4. How to Convert Fraction to Percent Part 2 (Quiz)
  5. How to Convert Percent to Fraction (Quiz)
  6. How to Convert Percent to Decimals (Quiz)
  7. How to Convert Decimals to Percent (Quiz)

Enjoy learning and good luck for the May 3 exam.

How to Convert Percent to Fraction

In Civil Service Examinations, as well as other examinations in basic mathematics, knowing how to convert  percent, fractions, and decimals to each other is very advantageous especially if you can do it mentally. Let us try with the following example.

A P640 shirt is marked 25% discount. How much will you have to pay for it?

It seems that you need a pencil for this problem, but you can actually do it in your head. Read it to believe it.

The equivalent of 25% in fraction is 1/4, therefore, you have to take away the fourth of the price. Now, 1/4 of 640 seems difficult but what if we try to split it to 600 + 40? Now, 1/4 of 600 is 150, which means that from the 600, you have 450 left. Now, 1/4 of 40 is 10, which means that you have 30 left. So, 450 + 30 is 480 and that is the discounted price of the t-shirt. Continue Reading