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PEMDAS Exercises Set 1 Answers

Below are the answers to PEMDAS Exercises Set 1. Part I 1. 2. Note: Be careful! A lot of people make mistakes in number 2. If no other operation is between addition and subtraction, you operate from left to right. Here, we must subtract first before we add. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Note:… Read More »

Week 5 Review Answers and Solutions

This is the full solutions for the problems and exercises about operations on integers, order of operations, and PEMDAS rules. Practice Exercises 1 a.) 12 + (-4) = 8 b.) (-9) + 3 = – 6 c.) (-7) + (- 5) = -12 d.) 8 + 3 + (-11) = (8+3) + (-11) = (11)… Read More »

PCSR REVIEW SERIES WEEK 5: Operations on Integers and PEMDAS

Below are the articles and videos that you should read and watch about operations on integers, order of operations, and PEMDAS. Exercises and problems will be posted soon. PART 1: OPERATIONS ON INTEGERS Articles How to Add Positive and Negative Integers How to Subtract Positive and Negative Integers How to Multiply Positive and Negative Integers How to… Read More »

MDAS Quiz with Solution

The order of operations namely multiplication, division, addition or subtraction or more popularly known as MDAS or PEMDAS is one of the most basic concepts in mathematics and yet many people are totally confused about it. Here is a 15-item quiz with solution to further your understanding about MDAS. Note that the rules are 1.) perform… Read More »

PEMDAS Rules Practice 1 Solutions

Below are the solutions and answers to the problems in PEMDAS Rules Practice 1. Notice that I have color coded the solution to guide you which operation results to which answer. I have also varied the notations like / and ÷ to familiarize you with both of them. In addition, I have also included operations on… Read More »

PEMDAS Rules and Operations on Real Numbers

Now that you have already learned the four fundamental operations on real numbers – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division – it is time to combine these operations into a single problem. In the Philippine Civil Service Examination, most of the problems on operations on real numbers have at least two or more operations involved.  If you… Read More »

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