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Real Number Operations and PEMDAS Practice Test 1

In the previous post, you have learned the PEMDAS rules or the rules in performing arithmetic operations namely addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. In this post, you will practice to see if you have mastered these rules. I have mixed the notations so that you will be familiarized with all of them. For example, 4 \times 8 + 3 \times -2 can also be written as 4(8) + 3(-2) or (4)(8) + (3)(-2).

You should also be familiar with division where in the expression

\displaystyle \frac{(3 + 2) \times 3}{3 + 5}

the operation in both the numerator and numerator are simplified first before dividing the expressions. This is equivalent to (3 + 2)(3) \div (3 + 5). Do not worry though regarding the use of parentheses, we will discuss them in the next topic. For now, answer the questions to the best of your abilities.  Continue Reading