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Civil Service Review Spelling Quiz 12 – Set 2

In each item, identify the word with incorrect spelling.

Item 01

a. jealous
b. percieved
c. enthrone
d. popsicles
e. tornado

Item 02

a. termenated
b. inquiry
c. loquacious
d. solidify
e. extravagant

Item 03

a. vortex
b. trajectory
c. chlorophyll
d. stabillize
e. entity

Item 04

a. aspirations
b. alphabet
c. annonymous
d. belief
e. ridiculous

Item 05

a. compatible
b. assurrance
c. exercise
d. alias
e. bombastic

Item 06

a. mortgage
b. dilemma
c. adorable
d. apparatus
e. bankrupcy

Item 07

a. parrallel
b. adjacent
c. turmoil
d. hymn
e. pageant

Item 08

a. cockroach
b. beige
c. mysterious
d. accustomed
e. excell

Item 09

a. debris
b. counterfeit
c. disemminate
d. symmetry
e. mechanical

Item 10

a. kindle
b. playwright
c. merangue
d. suovenirs
e. colleagues


1. b – perceived
2. a – terminated
3. d – stabilize
4. c – anonymous
5. b – assurance
6. e – bankruptcy
7. a – parallel
8. e – excel
9. c – disseminate
10. d – souvenirs

2018 PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 4

2018 PCSR Civil Service Review Guide 4
Week 4: October 16 – October 22, 2017

A. Multiplication of Fractions

Youtube Tutorial Videos (Taglish)

Lesson 1: Multiplication of Fractions (Proper and Improper)

Lesson 2: Multiplication of Fractions (Mixed Fractions)

Lesson 3: Multiplication of Fractions (Shortcut)

How to Calculate Faster Using Cancellation

B. Division of Fractions

Lesson 1: Division of Fractions (Proper and Improper)

Lesson 2: Division of Fractions (Mixed Fractions)

More videos (Taglish videos from Youtube)

How to Multiply Fractions

Multiplication of Fractions

How to Divide Fractions

Division of Fractions

Tutorial Articles

How to Add Fractions

How to Add Fractions Practice Test

How to Add Fractions Solution to Practice Test


A. Vocabulary

B. Grammar

Understanding Simple Future Tense with Exercise

Simple Tenses Summary and Quiz

C. Spelling

Part III: CLERICAL (Subprofessional)

Alphabetizing Rules Part 4

Rule 4 Alphabetizing Exercise

Alphabetizing Quiz 3


4 Things To Do 3 Months Before the Exam


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