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A Taglish Tutorial Video on Adding Decimals

Last week, I discussed how to add numbers with decimals and I have created a supplementary video about the post. As I have discussed, in adding decimals, you just have to align the decimal numbers and perform the usual column addition. In addition, in decimal numbers, zeros can always be added on the right hand size of the rightmost number.

For more Taglish tutorial videos, please visit the Philippine Civil Service Review Youtube channel.

How to Get the Greatest Common Factor of Numbers

A tutorial on how to get the greatest common factor of two numbers. In this video, the concept of factors was briefly explained. A simple application of greatest common factor which is converting fractions to lowest terms was also illustrated.

Errata: In example 2, 9 is also a factor of 45. In example 3, 2 is also a factor of 42. Sorry, I just thought of the given while doing the video.

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Video: How to Add Dissimilar Fractions

This is a continuation of the video on Adding Similar Fractions (language is in mixed Filipino and English) . This video is a tutorial on how to add dissimilar fractions or fractions that do not have the same denominator. I have also written a tutorial on How to Add Fractions that discusses addition of both similar and dissimilar fractions.

NOTE: I made a mistake in addition in the second example in the video. The answer should be 8/6 instead of 7/6. So, the final answer should be \frac{4}{3} or 1 \frac{1}{3} instead of 1 \frac{1}{6}. I’ll replace the video as soon as possible. My apologies.

In the next video, we will discuss addition of mixed fractions. Stay tuned.